Get to know our staff!

Holly Miller-Bopp



Holly handles all matters of the day to day operations at both the North Carolina and Virginia locations.  The final decision in hiring and firing of office employees comes down to her.  All matters involving accounting are run through her desk.  The weekly dispatch schedule for loads being shipped out and coming in are set by Holly.  This is done by having weekly and or daily contact with customers/vendors.  Any and all financial decisions are finalized by Holly for both locations as well.

Holly came from a legal background where she was a paralegal at a law firm in Virginia Beach, VA for almost 12 years.  In August 2001, Holly’s brother John, Jr. called and said he thought it was time for her to come to work for the family.  After some discussion with John Sr. in September 2001, Holly began working for J.C. Pallet Company.  Due to some irregularities at the Bladenboro, North Carolina Division, it was decided Holly would begin there.  Within the first 2 weeks, Holly discovered that the office manager that had been there for almost 10 years had been  embezzling fund for years.  After completely cleaning up that division, firing employees and hiring new, it was time to move on to the next division.  At this time, J.C. Pallet also had a division in Benson, North Carolina.  This was a smaller facility not too far from the Bladenboro location.  Within the first month there, she decided it was better financially to close that facility and relocate some of the employees and all of the business to the Bladenboro location.  There was also a small satellite location in Laurens, South Carolina that was closed around this same time and all business and some employees were transferred to the Bladenboro location as well.  At both the Benson and Laurens locations, J.C. Pallet was renting the buildings and property.  J.C. Pallet Company owned all of the buildings and property in Bladenboro, NC.  Now it was time to head home and start at the Barhamsville, Virginia facility.  This was still the “main hub”, but each division at this time handled all of their own billing, payroll, etc.  By 2004, everything was being handled out of the Barhamsville, Virginia facility which became the corporate office.  Holly has been able to consolidate and have both plans run efficiently and through the corporate office for the last 15 years.

John Combs Jr.


 President of Sales / General Manager of NC location

John handles all of the day to day operations at the facility in Bladenboro, NC.  This includes, transportation, employee hiring & termination, customer contact, buying & selling of product and scheduling.

John has been in the pallet business in 1983 fresh out of high school.  He started with building pallets with a hammer and nails.  Eventually he was able to drive the forklift and then started working in the mill.  In the early days, they milled their own lumber from logs.  Then a truck was purchased, so he received his Class A CDL in order to deliver pallets from Virginia all the way to Pennsylvania.  Once the operation grew a grinder was purchased and he trained and  ran that for several years.  After a family disagreement in 2004, John left and began working for another pallet company where he was challenged by being a salesman.  He instantly knew this was his kind of job and took off running by becoming the top sales rep. in less than 6 months.  At this time, he was placed in another position taking on national accounts and increasing profits by 25% in less than a year.  After being forced into a salary position and heavy demands by the owner to work 6-7 days per week, John decided it was time to return to the family business.  Armed with a wealth of new knowledge to bring to the family, John was given the position of President of Sales and General Manager of the Bladenboro, NC location for J.C. Pallet Company in 2010.  In the first year, John was able to increase sales for the North Carolina division by $1m.  John’s passion is buying and selling, and he is VERY good at it.

Larry Miller-Bopp


Vice - President, Sales

Larry is in charge of sales for both J.C. Pallet and J.C. Mulch.  For J.C. Pallet Company he mainly works on buying and selling for the Virginia location unless it is a bid process that would involve the North Carolina facility as well.  He maintains contact with both customers and vendors to check on quality and service.  For J.C. Mulch since it is a new business he is working on finding customers, landscapers, etc. to buy our product.

Larry began his employment with J.C. Pallet Company in October, 2001.  Larry is married to Holly, daughter of John Combs, Sr., owner of J.C. Pallet Company.  John, Jr. took Larry under his wing and began to train Larry in the pallet business, centered around sales.  He learned from the best and began to travel looking for new business.  The knowledge he obtained and transcended into national accounts and building relationships with other pallet companies in order to provide better service and service in other states.  Larry is extremely knowledgeable in different types of woods, pallet specifications required for your style of business, overseas shipping requirements and anything you need to know about pallet mulch.