In today's rough and tumble economy, you need a good, stable pallet partner that knows your business.

For us, it all started with higher standards and expectations, and that is still our philosophy after more than 30 years in the pallet business. We wouldn’t still be here if we weren’t making customers happy by treating them right and supplying them with quality pallets at fair prices!

We pride ourselves on being Pallet Professionals, and it shows in everything we do. From buying quality, heat-treated lumber, to maintaining appropriate raw materials inventories for quick turnaround, to a custom designed flexible manufacturing facility, to well trained experienced people, we're constantly evolving our business around your needs with a get-it-done, and done well, attitude.

At JC Pallet, we:
* Take pride in our work, and show a personal commitment to quality
* Reach out for responsibility
* Do whatever it takes to get the job done
* Are always looking for ways to make things easier for those we serve
* Are eager to learn as much as we can about the business of our customers
* Really listen to their needs
* Are honest, trustworthy, and loyal
* Are open to constructive critiques on how to improve

All of this can be summarized in one phrase:
Great companies, people and business partners care. This is our commitment to you—our customers and vendors—and you will see this commitment to quality, this commitment to professionalism and the fact that we care, in everything we do.

You can expect only the highest quality products, pallets and crates with quality workmanship, consistently applied. Our standards are to build our pallets to your specifications, OR BETTER, at no additional cost. As an additional check, our processes include quality control points to ensure consistency.

We answer your calls and your questions. Fast responses on quotes. Reliable and responsive service, delivery, inventory management, billing and problem resolution. We're a vendor you can count on and trust to get the job done, and done well.

We hold ourselves to higher values and standards; it affects how we interrelate to each other and how we treat our customers and vendors. We care and it shows. We are a trusted vendor.

Best of all, we provide value. Sometimes it's true, we're not always the lowest priced (although frequently we are), but we always offer a fair price and in the long run, you get more than what you pay for. And if you add up all of your costs over time including the cost of poor quality, miscommunication, poor service and administrative and management time that you may incur with others, we will be the long-term, lowest cost, highest service, best value solution.

Integrity – J.C. Pallet Company, we put integrity before everything we do. From on time delivery to managing the high quality of our pallets we strive to always execute our commitments.

Service – Our products and services are important to the success of your operation. Therefore, we ensure their reliability through quality control and accountability.

Additionally, we can react quickly and efficiently to your needs with same day service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experience – Our management team has an average of 20 years experience in pallet sales, manufacturing, recycling, and on-site services. Whether you are simply looking to buy pallets or if you are looking for a total pallet management (TPM) solution, our team has the experience and know-how to find the best value solution for your business.

Our Commitment to Our Environment
Once the repaired and recycled pallets have reached the end of their life cycle, we disassemble them and process the wood for multiple uses.

The processed wood fiber from the old pallets is used to make furniture, fences, park benches, home building materials, kitchen cabinets, playground material, landscape mulch and many other products used every day.

These value-added products keep millions of old pallets out of landfills and make a valuable contribution to our daily lives.

In our recycling process we automatically sort out the nails and sell them to steel recyclers. Also, the cardboard is baled and sold to paper reconstituters. As you can see, our commitment to the environment is very real!


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